From science to music, your student will find a program they love

  • Music Time with Ms. Annette

    Ms. Annette has been running our music program for over ten years. Music Time is a 45 minute two times a month class comprised of singing, playing instrument and fun dance movements fostering a love of all music styles. The children can express their personality in a safe and fun environment while learning the foundation of music.

  • Little Village Scientists

    Our Science program focuses on a new unit each month integrating a hands on approach to answer the questions of why and how. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes join together to learn how to use the Scientific Method to ask questions, research, construct hypotheses, perform experiments and then analyze their data to draw conclusions.

  • Soccer

    Our six week soccer program runs throughout our school year with Spring, Summer and Fall sessions. It is a fun filled half hour of outdoor exercise learning the basic skills of soccer and becoming team players

  • Chef It Up

    Each child will have a blast in our Chef It Up class! Each week the menu changes but the fun never ends. They will be mixing, measuring, cracking eggs and using a variety of kitchen tools too! The children love to eat what they create! Classes are completely nut and allergy free.