The many activities we offer

At Little Village Country Day School, your child will have a fantastic time with all of the activities that we offer.

From Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny visits, to the pumpkin picking and classroom parties, holidays are always an exciting experience for our students!

We enjoy welcoming moms for our Mother’s Day Tea and fathers for our Donuts for Dad’s.  We love to give as a community through our Toys for Tots program and Earth Day flower project.

At the end of the year, our Graduation will send your child to their next educational milestone in style.  A full graduation including caps, gowns and diplomas will help mark the experiences and friendships that they will cherish.

Hear from happy parents

Little Village is the third preschool we’ve had experience with, and it has been our favorite. The commitment to education was evident immediately after our first daughter started at Little Village, and she was extremely well prepared for kindergarten when she left. Our second daughter is happy there and is learning every day. And more importantly, she feels safe and happy at school. The staff loves the children and communicate well with parents. As a parent at Little Village, I feel a part of the school “family” and our children do too.

- the carella family
randolph, NJ

As parents we entrust our greatest blessings to the staff at Little Village. We are beyond grateful for the loving care they provide to our girls. We continue to be amazed by how much they have grown and developed socially and academically over the past few years. Thank you to the teachers and staff for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches in a fun and exciting way. It is an awesome feeling as a parent to hear your children say “We love school!”


This school is not a luxury to me but a necessity in my life and the truth of the matter is I could not be a single mother without each and every one of your help. You all truly make my work week stress free knowing my daughter is under your care and guidance. I sincerely appreciate everyones time, energy and hard work.


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